Twin Selfie I Benyam’s Wedding Day 9/1/18

Twin Selfie I Benyam’s Wedding Day 9/1/18

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Episode 6: The Brothers Teklemariam; The Nile Ethiopian Bistro

Richmond has quite a few restaurant families, folks for whom hard work and culinary creativity is a family affair and whose legacies are deeply tied into the food community here. The story of the Teklemariam family, who operate The Nile Ethiopian Bistro, crosses continents, the Midwest and Mid Atlantic and lands right here in Richmond. Consistency and a commitment to healthful, nutritious food inform the cuisine of The Nile, but—as you’ll hear—a deep familial connection defines it. Twin brothers Yoseph and Benyam stopped by to chat about the influence of their dynamic mother, Yeshareg Demisse; the secret behind the Nile's famous injera flatbread; and their favorite old Richmond spots.

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2018 ELBYS NOMINATION : Global-dining experience

 A restaurant that highlights a particular country or region from around the world, with emphasis on its cuisine and culture. (New category) 

2018’s nominees: Full Kee; La Milpa; Peter Chang Scott's Addition; Nile; Pho Tay Do; and Stella's

Join Richmond magazine for a night of fame, fancy and food at our seventh annual Elby awards, the Richmond-region awards ceremony honoring the exceptional talents of Richmond’s dining community. The Elby Awards and dinner will be held on Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018, at the Train Shed at Main Street Station. Come and witness as nominees from numerous categories, selected by teams of national and regional judges, become Richmond’s next culinary best and brightest. Dinner and drinks included in ticket price with a reception to follow. Net ticket proceeds will benefit Shalom Farms.


Mise en spice - oct 2016

“Doro wat is a measuring stick for a chef’s skill: how the meat is cut, the seasonings. If you have an event and you don’t have doro wat, it’s not an event.” —Yeshareg “Yeshi” Demisse, executive chef and managing partner of Nile Ethiopian Bistro


Richmond magazine - aug 2016

Ten years after founding the original Nile on Laurel Street, the Teklemariam family is bringing its Ethiopian restaurant to Church Hill...

Ethiopian Ski Association

Vancouver Olympics 2010 - Opening Ceremony

Vancouver Olympics 2010 - Opening Ceremony


It all started with a dream to represent ethiopia

Robel Teklemariam became the first Winter Olympic athlete to represent Ethiopia in the 2006 Torino, Italy Olympics. He qualified again for the 2010 Games in Vancouver for the 15km Cross Country Skiing competition.